rcesWe all are rising 8th-grade students and go to Roberto Clemente Middle School, in Germantown, Maryland. Our school has robotics club. We competed FLL last year. We are excited to compete again this year. Robotics club of our school participates in the FLL competition every year. But for FLL, buying parts can be expensive. We have a robotics unit in our 7th grade school year which also requires parts for each student. Our team is very excited about this great opportunity for raising money for our school FLL team and for putting our skills to the test. It will help us to uplift our skills in EV3 robotics by learning something new from all other teams participating in this competition. We feel that by competing in this challenge, we will learn how to work as a team under a time crunch and find ways to solve problems that we have never put to test before. We are going to be participating in FLL in 8th grade and this competition will be a great way to start off our FLL year.

Learn More about the shool at https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/clementems

Single Day Design Challenge
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