We are in our 3rd year of FLL. In our first FLL competition in 2017-18 (Hydrodynamics), we won the Rising Star award. Last year we won the regional competition and came in at 8th place (out of 50 teams) in the Robot competition at the NJ State Championship. For the coming year, we are working very hard to be in the World Championship.  Our team loves robotics challenges and this will be a very different experience for our team. The three reasons why our team want to participate are: 1) It will be a great chance to work as a team especially working under tremendous stress (timeline stress); 2) A great opportunity to watch and learn from other teams; 3) Win prizes that we can then use to buy the new Lego Spike Prime Set. All of these will help our team get ready for the FLL competition.

Single Day Design Challenge
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