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BGCHC Logo HarfordCecil2019 260The Boys & Girls Clubs of Cecil & Harford Counties has been running a successful FLL program for more than 14 years. They are bringing together thier best engineers for this challenge.  More info to come!  We are a hardworking team. Most members of the team have participated in state FLL competition. We have also participated in other coding and engineering. We have all participated in Lego League and want to sharpen our skills ahead of the upcoming season. We want to gain experience by working with time limitation. We also wanted to give Owen another chance to compete because he aged out of Lego League. 

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SDDMainSponsorsLGBG 01LET'S GO Boys & Girls works specifically with underserved student populations in the Baltimore region. They will be brining together their top students from the many schools they serve. You can learn more about this organization at

Team Name:  LET'S GO Robots

Learn more about LET'S GO at

WV ROBOTICSThis group of students is formed from three separate teams with vast experience STEM competitions including FLL, FRC, VEX, and Cyber Patriot to name a few. They range in age from 13-16 years old and represent home-school, online-school, private and public school environments. "It will be fun to get together with great WV and regional talents for this unique inaugural competition."

Learn more about the WV Robotics Alliance at:

The Bionic Robots are entering their fifth year of FIRST LEGO League competitions.

They write, "[We] want to participate in this challenge because they feel that the skills [we will] learn there with planning and engineering in such a short amount of time will help [us] in the next FLL season do their best and get new perspectives."

Some be sure to attend and watch this awesome team of seven future leaders and engineers take on our amazing challenge!

We are in our 3rd year of FLL. In our first FLL competition in 2017-18 (Hydrodynamics), we won the Rising Star award. Last year we won the regional competition and came in at 8th place (out of 50 teams) in the Robot competition at the NJ State Championship. For the coming year, we are working very hard to be in the World Championship.  Our team loves robotics challenges and this will be a very different experience for our team. The three reasons why our team want to participate are: 1) It will be a great chance to work as a team especially working under tremendous stress (timeline stress); 2) A great opportunity to watch and learn from other teams; 3) Win prizes that we can then use to buy the new Lego Spike Prime Set. All of these will help our team get ready for the FLL competition.

This team wants to be challenged on speed and creativity with LEGO mindstorms. Having participated in Lego FLL they have all the experience needed to accept this challenge. This competition appears to be a true measure of kids input with minimal assistance. We are looking forward to the challenge.

mysticalgeniusesThe Mystical Geniuses are a community team in Woodstock, MD. They say this sounds like a fun and it is challenging to participate in one day design. Also would be interested in meeting wonderful kids and teams!

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Members are 7-8th graders from Rockville, MD. They have made it to State Championship two years in a row (some of them 3+ yrs). This sounds like a great team building activity to get the team warmed up again for the next season. The team loves a good challenge and to build so this seems like a great exercise to have a time aspect built in to it.

rcesWe all are rising 8th-grade students and go to Roberto Clemente Middle School, in Germantown, Maryland. Our school has robotics club. We competed FLL last year. We are excited to compete again this year. Robotics club of our school participates in the FLL competition every year. But for FLL, buying parts can be expensive. We have a robotics unit in our 7th grade school year which also requires parts for each student. Our team is very excited about this great opportunity for raising money for our school FLL team and for putting our skills to the test. It will help us to uplift our skills in EV3 robotics by learning something new from all other teams participating in this competition. We feel that by competing in this challenge, we will learn how to work as a team under a time crunch and find ways to solve problems that we have never put to test before. We are going to be participating in FLL in 8th grade and this competition will be a great way to start off our FLL year.

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Our team is made of friends from the neighborhood. We would like to participate in this challenge to learn team work. Some of us doesn't know each other, so this gives an opportunity to work with new people. Also, helps us in managing time to build the robot and write effective programs in the limited amount of time.

cubix3We are a team of students from Howard County who are passionate about STEM. We have competed in FIRST programs for the past few years and are now in FTC. We are also involved with the RMI - MD Regional Manufacturing Institute as student partners and are interested in learning about how STEM skills apply in manufacturing. We would like to participate in this challenge in order to use our FLL robot design skills and take them to a new level. This challenge will be an excellent opportunity for our team to collaborate and bond through a challenge that will help prepare us for the intensity of real-world manufacturing. We are excited for the challenge of rapid design, construction, programming, and documentation and the opportunity to apply the skills we have learned in robotics. We have competed in both FLL and FTC so we look forward to the challenge of using the variety of skills of each member of the team in this accelerated challenge. We would also like to participate in the competition because as an FTC team, we will be able to increase our FLL skills to better support the many FLL teams we mentor throughout the season. We are also motivated to committed to the competition in order to earn funds to help support our FTC team.


We knew each other for many years and most of us live in the same community. We all go to Folly Quarter Middle School and Triadelphia Ridge in Ellicott City. We won Robot Design Award at Regional Qualifier and advanced to State Championship. We were placed second for Gracious Professionalism at Maryland State Championship this year. We want to participate this event because we love challenges. We are the main builders and programmers in our team in the previous season. We would like to see if we can use our talent, creativity and organization to solve problems in a short period of time. Most of all, to earn some prize money for our FLL team for next season!

downingtownroboticsDowningtown Area Robotics team is starting our 4th year together and are now rookies on an FTC team. We have been to the FLL World Festival twice. We are a team that really works well together. In a challenge like this, we know how to "divide and conquer" in order to get things done quickly!

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This team is part of the Harford County Public School FIRST LEGO League program. It is coache by Brett Tourscher, Gifted and Talented Teacher for Meadowvale and Hickory Elementary Schools, in Harford County, Maryland.

Team Tofu is a group of enthusiastic fifth and sixth graders who have been dedicating a lot of time in FIRST. Some members have been in the program for more than 6 years. Together with former team with the same team numbers FLL #12803, they were place in top 6 at the Maryland State Championship 3 out of last 4 years. This event will be a good opportunity for them to put their skills into use , do something different than FLL or FTC, and learn from the process.

Several years in FLL. VA/DC State Champion. Competed in the 2019 Worlds competition and won 1st place robot design and innovation. Team has been inspired to participate by their FLL experience and enjoys using that energy for other STEM activities particularly outreach and teaching others about robotics. The LEGOnauts are now extending their robotics interest into the local FRC team.

Single Day Design Challenge
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