We are considering making the challenge and event materials available for groups who would like to run this event at their location.  As soon as the Pilot event is completed on Aug 24 we will work on a final event package. We feel that it is important for us to complete at least one event to confirm that all the plans, rules, and more are correct.  

If you are intrested in this option please use the INTEREST FORM to let us know. Be sure to include your City and State in your comments.

There will be fee per mat kit for:

  • One mat
  • The table elements
  • Reproduceable event materials (rules, rubrics, etc.)
  • NOTE: We suggest one table per four teams (though you can schedule any way you want to).

Then a fee per participating team for:

  • Field element samples
  • Clock trophy

Other Details:

  • You will be licensed to use the logo related materials.
  • We will ship the materials to you a few days ahead of time.
  • We suggest you round up some sponsorship money since a key part of this is financial rewards for excellence. But that is not required.
  • We would promote your event and if you can stream it we would add it to our media site.

We are working on final costs and should have pricing shortly after the event is completed. 

Single Day Design Challenge
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