Game Reveal Video

Game Reveal Video

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This game provides a challenge focusing on manufacturing processes. Teams will have to move items from the distributor, to the storage, to assembly, to packaging, to transportation. The final challenge is to connect the utilities. All the challenge elements are common items found at a hardware store. These tasks serve to demonstrate the complexities of manufacturing and amazing process that produce trillions of well made, accurate items every day world-wide.

pdfYou can download the scoring sheet here to see the scoring details.

You can download an Excel version of the scoring sheet here for strategic work.

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The challenge guide.

How to Buy The Items for This Challenge

The mat, parts list, and plans for the items that need to constructed can be purchased from Geyer Instructional.



Since 1960 GEYER has been providing essential math tools and other educational products to teachers in every state in the US, all across Canada and to international schools worldwide. Geyer is an official distributor of the Robot Mats line of products. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MATS AT GEYER

You can learn more at their website at and their digital catalogue.

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